Get real-time access to reliable and relevant first-party data across Africa

On-demand, quality and cost-effective, Africa consumer data and insights

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On-demand, quality and cost-effective, Africa consumer data and insights

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We help you find the exact audience you need. Go places no one else can. Reach the African audience by using AfriSight’s proprietary and dynamic panelbase


Online & Mobile Surveys

Leverage the exponential internet & mobile penetration growth across Africa. Harness AfriSight’s advanced automated technology and deploy online & mobile surveys across Africa. You can collect the insights on-demand and in real-time to make your data collection process more efficient from end to end


DIY Client Survey Portal

Our client survey portal is a self service platform which enables you to create a survey, select the target audience, submit a survey and collect data/responses in real-time



We compliment big data and machine learning by capturing attitudes and emotions for a three-dimensional view of your consumer.

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Usability & UX Testing

Improve Usability & UX with the feedback from your specific target audience. Look through the eyes of your users and leverage the power of tens of thousands of testers.

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Brand Tracking

Regularly checking the health of your brand ensures you have a good hang on your marketing investment ROI and stay ahead of the market dynamics. The AfriSight audience will help you with insights into how your brand is tracking along the conversion funnel. You can even maintain a specific panel to help you compare trends over periods. Are you looking to know the awareness, familiarity, consideration levels and more?

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Product Testing

From market assessment to package testing, from product idea testing to price testing, involving the consumers throughout the product development stages ensure you can launch a product that is meeting a need and will sell. With AfriSight, you have the access to a panel of consumers that will help you test your product fast in a cost- effective manner. Are you keen about avoiding delays in time-to-market because of product testing?

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Mystery Shopping

Our mystery shoppers will observe the quality of products and/or services while acting like a regular customer. This will highlight areas in need of improvement in business performance and processes.

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Opinion Polls

AfriSight can help you collect opinions from across Africa. Whether it’s what people think about brands, politics, current affairs, or the things you talk about with your friends, our audience is available to help you make sense of it all.

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Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Testing

A loyal customer is potentially the best advocate for any business. Loyalty comes from a satisfying experience. Keeping abreast of your customer satisfaction and advocacy level provides you with a potent power to transform your business and stay ahead of the game. With AfriSight audience, you can find the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and CSAT level for your brand and that of your competition. Are you desirous of a fast and cost effective NPS and CSAT survey?

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Ad Testing

The AfriSight audience will help you find out how much your advertising is likely to resonate across different markets before you make that investment in your brand campaigns. Expose multiple variations and versions of your ad concepts to a well-defined audience and make the the best decision on relevance, purchase intention, believability and brand love. Are you at ideation stage, the copy is ready or simply looking to launch an existing advertising in a new market?

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Investment Research

You possibly have all macro data about the market from secondary research and relevant sources, getting your own insights at the micro level will help you stay ahead of the curve. Let the AfriSight panelists provide insights that can make you anticipate better, validate your hypotheses and instill greater confidence in your investment decision. Are you a venture capitalist, hedge fund or private equity firm looking to invest in any category in Africa?

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AfriSight is a data-collection company dedicated to Africa. The company enables the collection and the delivery of on-demand, real-time, cost-effective, and reliable Africa consumer data and insights. We unlock data-driven decisions across Africa by delivering: consumer & professional insights, corporate data & analytics, and market intelligence reports.

AfriSight achieves this through its online data-collection platform and local ambassadors. Afrisight collect consumer data & insights on consumer products, companies, demographic trends, consumer lifestyle, and commercial industries. The AfriSight community has hundreds of thousands of consumers across Africa, men, and women of all ages. Our audience regularly receives invitations to take part in surveys. You can answer our paid surveys when and where it suits you, on your mobile, at home, work or on-the-go.